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The Sentinel Network hosts open-source distributed and decentralized applications that provide users with assurance that their session information is not being logged, their communication is not being stored, and that not even the creator of the application can view any of their data.

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We trust what data privacy is a basic human right, that is why we are happy to support projects such as sentinel, which are aimed at preserving personal data. If you share the same ideas, you can support the sentinel network by staing your tokens with validator.

1% fee promo!
We are happy to announce 1% fee promo on our validator for 3 months at least (till the end of jun 2021). And we guarantee what our fee will always be in line with average on the network.

Validator's operator addres address: sentvaloper1wn6tfn2nxxugv98rl5k8tpnj3cdddlejm3sa6j

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We are committed to providing the highest level of service and reliability of our validator to secure your funds and maximize your profits.