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DePools are live !
You can start staking your crystals and earning rewards.

Our DePool Address: 0:8888da4f1625dae6e1a1ae1842fb7e8c2f41c189439b681a79102144f0ac83b4

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Staking instructions

If you're familar with command line and want some more safety and control, you can build tonos-cli from source code. Just follow detailed manual on and make your stake from multisig or setcode wallet. If you want to use pre-build binaries for windows, you can download it here.

If you use surf wallet, generate keys from seed and stake from the same wallet, instructions below:

1. Open your Surf app and press "Backup Master Password". You'll see you secret seed, containing 12 words.

2. Navigate to tonos-cli folder in terminal and generate keys file, words should be separated by a space. Example: "transfer canvas trouble wish freeton pepper isthe tonight type best crane surround"

tonos-cli getkeypair surf.keys.json "your 12 words seed here"

3. Download tonlabs-cli.conf.json, SetcodeMultisigWallet.tvc, SetcodeMultisigWallet2.tvc, SetcodeMultisigWallet.abi.json and DePool.abi.json to the folder with tonos-cli

curl -L > tonlabs-cli.conf.json

curl -L > SetcodeMultisigWallet.tvc

curl -L > SetcodeMultisigWallet2.tvc

curl -L > SetcodeMultisigWallet.abi.json

curl -L > DePool.abi.json

4. Check your address, with two contracts used in Surf wallet, "Raw address:" output in one of them must match address in your Surf wallet

tonos-cli genaddr SetcodeMultisigWallet.tvc SetcodeMultisigWallet.abi.json --setkey surf.keys.json --wc 0

tonos-cli genaddr SetcodeMultisigWallet2.tvc SetcodeMultisigWallet.abi.json --setkey surf.keys.json --wc 0

5. Setup validables to use them in next steps

Copy one of our depool addresses and set it as $DEPOOL_ADDR variable, to support decentralization, we recommend to stake in DePool with lower balance.

DEPOOL_ADDR="paste here depool address"

Set your wallet address as $YOUR_WALLET_ADDRESS variable.

YOUR_WALLET_ADDRESS="paste here your wallet address"

6. There are different stake options, we recommend to use simple ordinary stake

Change $VALUE_IN_TONS to the amount you want to stake. Keep in mind what minimal stake in our pool is 10 Crystals.

tonos-cli depool --addr $DEPOOL_ADDR stake ordinary --wallet $YOUR_WALLET_ADDRESS --value $VALUE_IN_TONS --sign surf.keys.json

7. Check status of your stake

tonos-cli run $DEPOOL_ADDR getParticipantInfo '{"addr":"$YOUR_WALLET_ADDRESS"}' --abi DePool.abi.json

Result is in Hexadecimal format, you can convert it with Hexadecimal to Decimal converter and devide it by 10^9 (1 000 000 000). Or if you've python installed, convert it with

int("$HEX_VALUE",16) / 10**9

Congratulations! You're staking in our pool and will start earning rewards soon.

If you decide to unstake, use one of the commands below to unstake part or unstake all crystals.

tonos-cli depool --addr $DEPOOL_ADDR stake withdrawPart --wallet $YOUR_WALLET_ADDRESS --value $VALUE_IN_TONS --sign surf.keys.json

tonos-cli depool --addr $DEPOOL_ADDR withdraw on --wallet $YOUR_WALLET_ADDRESS --sign surf.keys.json