HydraDX staking info

HydraDX network is currently in testnet stage.

Our validator address: 7JduXCnJmnG34ZJGz6cA7x4h3x3FrLb3QcGPptiZZKKoL5QQ

Validator Performance stats: 7JduXCnJmnG34ZJGz6cA7x4h3x3FrLb3QcGPptiZZKKoL5QQ

1. Open polkadot.js.org, you can use lux8.net RPC or one from the HydraDX team

2. Import you account: Accounts --> Add account --> use your seed to import account.

3. Go to Network --> Staking --> Account action or just click here

4. Create nominator (+ Nominator), select your stash and controller account, and specify amount you want to stake.

!!! Don't stake all your funds, keep a little to pay fess !!!

5. Copy our validtor address 7JduXCnJmnG34ZJGz6cA7x4h3x3FrLb3QcGPptiZZKKoL5QQ or search by our validator name: LUX8.NET and paste it in a validator search filed.

6. Click 'Bond & Nominate' and 'Sign and Submit'.

Congratulations! Now you're staking with lux8.net validator and on the next era will start earning rewards.

Detailed instructions for nominators can be found in the HydraDX Documentation.

We also provide daily snapshots for fast inital sync new HydraDX nodes: lux8.net/hydra-snapshots