SORA staking info

SORA network is live!

Our validator address: cnWNjBNuzKVDFfPWQjw8eFirAszfnCNHW44xFAoJtdLvZmH3t

Validator Performance stats: cnWNjBNuzKVDFfPWQjw8eFirAszfnCNHW44xFAoJtdLvZmH3t

1. Open, you can use RPC or one from the Sora team

2. Import you account: Accounts --> Add account --> use your seed to import account.

3. Go to Network --> Staking --> Account action or just click here

4. Create nominator (+ Nominator), select your stash and controller account, and specify amount you want to stake.

!!! Don't stake all your funds, keep a little to pay fess (0.05 $XOR is enough) !!!

5. Copy our validtor address cnWNjBNuzKVDFfPWQjw8eFirAszfnCNHW44xFAoJtdLvZmH3t and paste it in a validator search filed

6. Click 'Bond & Nominate' and 'Sign and Submit'.

Congratulations! Now you're staking with validator and on the next era will start earning $VAL rewards.

We also provide daily snapshots for fast inital sync new Sora nodes: